The Best for Teacher

Who know the best for teacher than her/him self. People said, teacher know more than ordinary people (should be). Being teacher mean smart, clever, attractive, inspirative, full of inisiative...and most important of all is comunicative.

I just walk over a special website dedicated for all teacher in the world. Teachers can download everything they need for teaching. From Free educational software, themed worksheets, seasonal units for kids, family
and teachers. Learn to draw, crafts, finger puppets, puzzles, animal photos for your projects, tinybooks, felt storyboards, clipart, online games for school and homeschoolers etc.

Its a very large resource for teachers! Curriculum-based activities and assessments in minutes! Instant work for all K-12 subject areas. Flash-based math games, language arts games, on-line quizzes, web pages, flash cards, hangman, crosswords, word searches, hidden tiles, jumbles, match the theme, missing letters, cryptograms, cloze, cyber hunts, sequence lists, web quests , on-line learning games, calendars, your own class trivia game, printable tests. Automatic scoring. Great for all K-12 teachers. It's a must see!

Teacher could find thousands of resources including lesson plans, worksheets & printables, themes, tips, discussion forums, printable emergent readers & teacher downloads!

Very fun anf interesting. just visit: and you will know how fun to be teacher...

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