Starbuks raising their Prices?

That's what they'd announced Wednesday. Its due to high speculative in green coffee market and dramatically increased commodity cost. Not everything's going up: Starbucks expects to maintain its popular $1.50 tall brewed coffee, but will probably raise the price of more labor-intensive and larger-sized beverages.

But if you want to save some bucks at Starbucks, there's no shortage of official advice everyone already knows :
• Get a free Starbucks card that earns you free drink customization, free coffee and tea refills, and a free drink on your birthday.
• Keep your Starbucks cup and bring it back at any time for 50-cent coffee refills.
• Bring your own reusable cup and Starbucks will nick 10 cents off the price in recognition of your eco-consciousness. And as regulars learned long ago: If you order a tall drink and bring a very big reusable cup, you get some extra beverage for free.

One more thing, Starbucks will soon launch an in-house Digital Network, being billed as a place for customers to share information, download the occasional free song and get free premium content. (src: Yahoo!News)  Related Article :  Caffeine Intoxication

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