Thing don't do with Google AdSense

AdSense is a fantastic way to monetize your websites and make some money online, sometimes a lot of money. However there are 5 big no-no's when it comes to AdSense.

1. Do not give fake or misleading information to Google when you first open an AdSense account.
2. Don't attempt to hack or change Google's AdSense code other than to change the settings you're allowed to change.
3. Remember that your 'Thank You', registration and confirmation pages are AdSense no go zones. It's not allowed but it's quite clear in their Terms of Service and it's always best to comply with anyone's terms of service rules if you sign up to their program.
4. Keep any competitors adds such as Overture away from Google AdSense Ads and that means not on the same page.
5. Beware of appearing to promote clicking of any kind towards your ads.

It may seem like there a lot of rules (there are) but instead of seeing them as a constraint see it as doing everything that Google loves to see. And what Google loves to see is great content. With great content you will be rewarded with a steady stream of traffic. And perhaps when they come along, they might click on an ad or two.

Src: Mr. Samith Pich

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